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Our Technology in Action

Randy Loup named the new CEO of Avelis! 

Avelis is pleased to announce the induction of their new CEO, Randy Loup!! 

"I am pleased to lead team Avelis, and will continue to move forward in our science and technology as we continue to develop new products for health market consumers." 


Scientists tell us we have 10 years to change the way we live to avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic consequences.


Avelis holds great hope for meeting these global challenges. Our patent pending technology optimizes cells, the smallest unit of life. It is applicable to all living organisms with a focus on food chain lifecycles. Our technology can help feed seven billion people while making farming more Earth friendly, or help decrease the wasteful use of water, or help naturally remediate an environmental hazardous site, all in a natural and safe way.

We need new ways to improve and maintain the integrity of the ecosystems through effective sustainable management practices for the benefit of mankind. Avelis is the new way!


To the right is a picture of a nano-molecule that through our Avelis proprietary process has absorbed positive elements for transportation into cells. Because of its neutral charge and chemical make-up, the Avelis molecule can pass easily through the cell membrane, much like a Trojan Horse. Once inside the cell, the nano-molecule first releases beneficial nutrients, oxygen, and minerals, then absorbs heavy metal toxins for the shuttle ride back out of the cell. This complex process then continually repeats, with millions of changes and interfaces occurring simultaneously.