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New Mexico Soil Remediation Photos – Brine Water Spill
Before After
A brine water spill created from a secondary oil extraction in New Mexico was chosen for a soil remediation trial. Fifteen months prior to Avelis being contacted, a professional remediation company replaced four feet of top soil on the site. As salts continued to wick to the surface, this process did not remedy the site and it remained barren. Nothing would grow on the site. One application of an Avelis formulation registered the salts inert and bound them in such a way that allowed the native vegetation to grow. No seeding was done for the trial. Plants began to grow within 30 days and in ten months, the vegetation completely returned and soil erosion stopped. 


New Mexico Soil Remediation Photos – Oil Spill
Before After
A 12-year old oil and brine spill site in New Mexico was chosen for soil remediation. The dark oil remained on the surface stiffeling any vegetative growth. We applied one application of an Avelis formulation to the area. By introducing our product we converted the pooled oil into a natural fertilizing agent, and within ten months, the oil lightened and native vegetation flourished. No seed was applied during the trial.


West Texas Water Remediation Photos – Brood Pond Algae
Before After
A 5,000 square foot fish brood pond with recurring algae issues was chosen for a water remediation trial. Prior to the trial, algae had taken a strangle hold on the pond and the viability of the aquatic life was threatened. The pond was treated with an Avelis formulation and within days, the water began to clear up, and the algae dropped to the bottom becoming a high protein source for the fish. With their oxygen source restored, the fish thrived and a successful crop was harvested.