Safari Pacific Biotechnology for the Earth



Avelis is a biotechnology company anchored in the science of discovery and development. We are on the frontlines, generating new game-changing technologies that create brighter futures for humankind.

We work with non-synthesized chemistry to support cellular function. The result is a diverse and nearly endless set of practical formulations that can help us live longer and healthier lives, have a more abundant and sustainable food supply, and reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. 

A solution based company, Avelis currently has a series of patents filed for our innovations. Avelis can play a central role in meeting urgent challenges such as increasing crop yield and nutrient density, remediating unproductive and polluted land, sequestering moisture and lessening dependency on irrigation, enhancing livestock productivity, and stabilizing our wetlands.

We have only tapped a small fragment of the many potential uses and benefits of our science. Everyday we explore new ways to improve our quality of life by testing the limitations of our formulas. 

We are interested in creating dynamic strategic partnerships to commercialize our technology. If you believe that your project would be enhanced by our technology, please contact us so we can discuss it in detail.